Roofer Services:
Can I Work On My Roof Myself?

You should never attempt to work on your roof by yourself unless you’re fully qualified or have been a professional roofer in the past. With so many roofing videos, tutorials, and DIY websites available online, it can be tempting to try and fix or replace your own roof.  While there are small roofing jobs you can do as an amateur, extreme care is needed. Roof work is among the top jobs you should leave to professionals in roofer services because of the risks. Here’s what you risk when you work on your roof yourself:

Serious Injury

Roofing is one of the most dangerous jobs in America. According to data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, professionals offering roofer services in residential or commercial sites are over 15 times more likely to die in job site accidents than someone in any other type of work.

Considering this data relates to professional roofers, you face even higher risks of falling and suffering fatal or severe body injuries as an amateur.

Financial Risk

You may be considering working on your roof yourself in the hopes of saving money. However, the costs may be way more than for hiring professional roofer services. Firstly, roofer services pros often acquire roofing materials at discounted costs

You’ll likely have to pay top price for everything from nails to roofing cement and other roofing supplies. You may also not accurately estimate roofing jobs and risk buying the wrong materials or more materials than necessary.

Causing More Damage

You may cause further damage to your roof because you won’t completely understand the problem. Professional offering roofer services have years of experience. They’re aware of the issues to look out for and exactly how to fix your roof.

You may damage your roof by incorrectly handling the equipment or using the wrong roofing procedures. If you work on your own roof and fail to notice the problems, they may end you costing you more tomorrow.

Apart from simple things like cleaning the gutters or removing debris from your roof, it’s wiser to hire professional roofer services for roof repairs and installation. They have the specialist skills to do an adequate job and ensure your roof lasts longer.

If you are in need of Marietta roofers, give Stable Roofs a call, and we will provide you with a free roof inspection as well as a free estimate as part of our roofing services. Check out our next article to learn more about how you can extend the life of your roof.