How Often Should I Get A Roof Inspection?

Twice a year. The US General Services Administration recommends that roofs, including roofing materials and elements, be inspected at least twice a year. This should be done before and after the harsh winter weather to determine maintenance needs. Ideally, this is in the fall and spring when the weather is usually milder, making it easy to spot any problems. Many local roofing contractors offer a free roof inspection, so you should be able to get at least one professional roof inspection in a year.

However, there are times when more frequent inspections are warranted. These include:

When You Notice Damage

Performing personal inspections of your roof as much as possible is the first step to proper roof maintenance. This includes the exterior and interior parts. You should call for a professional roof inspection when you notice leaks, musty odors, or wet spots on your ceilings and walls. 

A dented siding or missing shingle should also cause alarm as it can lead to more severe problems. You can quickly get a free roof inspection and report from most roofing services providers so you can accurately know the extent and of the damage and required repairs. 

When Buying Or Selling A Home

You need to get a full roof inspection before selling or buying a home to uncover any required repairs or roof problems. The roof holds a lot of weight in the value of your home, and improving or replacing it can significantly increase your home’s value.

You also need to ask for a complete roof inspection report of a home before purchasing it or moving in. This ensures nothing catches you off-guard and that the home’s value is as advertised.

After Big Storms

Hailstorms, hurricanes, and strong winds can cause significant damage to your roof. They can also cause trees and branches to fall on your roof, causing breaks and tears in roofing materials and exposing them to the elements.

Even if you don’t notice any visible exterior damage, there may be missing granules or loose shingles that can lead to damaging leaks in your home. Your insurance may help cover some of the costs, and you can get a free roof inspection to help you make your claim.

If you are in need of Marietta roofers, give Stable Roofs a call, and we will provide you with a free roof inspection as well as a free estimate as part of our roofing services. To learn more about what damage is covered by insurance, check out our next article!