How To Cover A Leaking Roof?

After a major storm, many homeowners find themselves in one common situation: finding that roofers are too busy to fix their roof problem right away. In such cases, it’s wise to opt for a temporary roof tarp to shield your home and prevent further damage as per your insurance policy. Always look for a roof tarping service near me to help you put up a roof tarp instead of attempting it yourself. Climbing up a roof with damage is even more dangerous after a weather event. Here’s how a leaking roof can be covered with a tarp:

Roof Examination and Measurement

When you call for a roof tarping service near me, the roofer will first determine where the tarp is needed and the required size. They may use a ladder to survey the damage or inspect it physically while wearing a safety harness. Nowadays, even drones are being used for such examinations.

Select Tarp

The tarp should be larger than the area measured to ensure it extends a few feet past any damage for proper protection. Ideally, it should hang over both sides of the roof, so water smoothly rolls off without going beneath it.

Remove Debris and Unfurl Tarp

The roofer from the roof tarping service near me will remove loose debris like nails or shingles that can interfere with water flow or clog gutters. Unfurling the tarp may need two or more roofers. They may also need to remove adhesive backing if they’re using adhesive tarps.

Secure Tarp

If they’re not using an adhesive tarp, they may have to secure the tarp with screws or nails. The end of the tarp is first wrapped around a piece of lumbar or board to anchor and prevent it from flapping around and quickly ripping.

The boards are then secured by nailing or screwing them into the shingles and onto the roof. The shingles will need replacing when the roof is repaired. Sometimes the entire roof may even need replacing.

If you are in need of Marietta roofers, give Stable Roofs a call, and we will provide you with a free roof inspection as well as a free estimate as part of our roofing services. Check out our next article to learn about the signs that you need a new roof.