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Comprehensive roof inspections performed by a licensed and insured expert.

Free Roof Inspection

With our thorough roof inspections, we prioritize keeping your roof in good condition. Stable Roofs is happy to provide free roof inspections and estimates to all residents in Marietta or the surrounding area.

Stable Roofs offers a team of roof inspectors that will examine your roof for you. We have provided superior quality roof installation, replacement, and repair services to the Marietta area for over 12 years. If you have a problem with your roof, our highly experienced roofing specialists are always here to help! A roof inspection provides you with the peace of mind that your roof is in good condition and free of serious concerns.

A roof inspection helps indicate how long your roof will last and when it will need to be repaired or replaced. Roof inspectors do not utilize the standard procedures used by other construction experts to evaluate a building’s structure throughout the roof inspection process–mainly because you do not want anybody drilling holes in your roof. They will carefully climb onto your roof but will not take any extra steps that might damage it. The roof inspector will check your roof shingles, roof overhangs, gutter system, and attic vents to verify they are in excellent condition. They can even supply you with a comprehensive roof report on the state of your roof.

Our Roof Inspections cover it all

When we evaluate your roof, you can be confident that we will thoroughly analyze all of its features. After we finish our roof inspection, you can feel confident that it is structurally solid and will protect you and your family. Your roofing inspector will look for the following during a roof inspection:

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When Is a Roof Inspection Necessary?

If you suspect that a large storm has affected your home, it is always a good idea to get your roof inspected. Our roofing inspectors will do a thorough inspection for free, so you, the homeowner, will incur no roof inspection costs. This can help you save money for any repairs that may be required. Some symptoms of easy-to-spot damage will be visible from the ground, while others will need a roof inspection to identify.

Water Damage

Water damage is one of the most common types, and it can occur from various sources. Water may cause property damage by eating through your roof and into your house, whether it comes from severe rain or melting snow.

A hole in your roof, heavy water stains on your ceiling, walls, or siding, and ice dams in the winter are all apparent issues. These are red flags and are generally telling indicators that there has been damage and a leak. This leak issue can also result in wood rot and drywall damage. If detected early, you may require minor repairs, but you may need substantial repairs in the near future if you wait. If you see any of these signs, contact a professional roofer right away for help fixing the damage to your roof and avoiding roof replacement.

You must act quickly if you discover visible damage to your roof. When you replace your roof immediately after a storm, the cost is often lower. By skipping this step, you risk causing further harm to your property and incurring additional expenditures in the future. To put your mind at ease, Stable Roofs provides complimentary roof inspections. Give us a call right away.

Hail Damage

Roofing professionals who inspect hail storm damage have become more aware of how different roofing materials react to hail. As one might anticipate, not every material behaves the same way to a hail storm.

The extent of hail damage to a roof varies considerably depending on where it impacts. The amount of damage generated may be determined by the impact angle, with a glancing hit inflicting less damage than hail that hits at 90 degrees directly. Depending on their weight and size, hailstones of various kinds can cause varying degrees of damage.

Hail damage to asphalt shingles: Hail damage is defined by granules being driven into the shingle’s mat material or being completely displaced. Shingles might be cracked or broken, but crushed or dented parts are the most frequent hail damage. Hail damage can reduce the life of shingles because the granules can no longer inhibit UV deterioration.

Wind Damage

High winds can cause shingles to blow off or damage a building’s roof. To make matters worse, some wind-related damage is not immediately apparent. If severe winds have damaged your roof, call a professional roofer like Stable Roofs for help identifying and repairing the problem.

Some shingles have wind protection. Loads that exceed the manufacturer’s wind warranty may necessitate the filing of an insurance claim. Shingle loads that fall below the coverage level should be reported to the shingle manufacturer. Don’t put off having damage fixed since you’ll waste time and money. You could wind up with more damage than you anticipated, which means your expenditures will rise as well. It is unsafe to examine your roof on your own; thus, we recommend calling Stable Roofs. We have the necessary tools and equipment to inspect your roof for damage. Our free roof inspections will save you both time and money.

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Marietta's Go To Source For Roof Damage Insurance Claims Assistance

Severe weather and falling trees can cause major damage to your home, resulting in costly repairs. It is important to get the right solution for these problems. Stable Roofs provides help with insurance and also offers the appropriate repairs you need.

Everyone hopes never to experience a roofing or insurance claim situation. Unfortunately, these situations happen far more often than we like. If that time comes, you’ll be happy to know a reputable roofing contractor in Marietta, GA., specializing in assisting policyholders with their claims. Stable Roofs is here to help with our roof insurance claim service. Our company is a family-owned and operated business. Our in-house claims experts have over 15 years of combined.

Roof damage can result from all types of weather, including extreme storms like snow or strong winds. Learning to identify different kinds of roof damage is important, so you know what type needs repair. Whether it be obvious signs like missing shingles, roof penetrations, moisture buildup from water leaks, or mold growth, a roofing professional from our team can help. Roof repairs from storm damage have been our specialty for years, and we’d love to share more information with you about identifying storm-related roof problems.

You probably have many questions regarding how to handle a roofing insurance claim. We are here and ready to help with the entire process. We are also here to answer any questions about the claims process. We have a team of licensed contractors in case you need assistance after a large portion of your home’s roof has been damaged or even destroyed. Don’t take on the insurance company alone. Call us today at 770-766-7770 to get started with your free roof inspection. You’ll be glad you did!

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