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Be protected from the elements with a roof replacement from Stable Roofs.

Our Roof Replacement Services

Is your home’s roof just not up to the task? You may be allowing harmful elements into your home, which will cost you a lot of money in repairs in the future. Often, roof replacement is your greatest line of defense.

You’ve come to the right place if you need a local roofing contractor to replace your roof. Stable Roofs will be delighted to assist you with any of your roofing needs. Contact us now to schedule a free roof inspection to assess the present state of your roof. We also offer free home roof replacement, repair, and installation estimates.

You don’t have to put up with a leaking roof. Stable Roofs has qualified and licensed roof professionals ready to assist you with your home’s roof replacement. You can be confident that the roofing contractor we employ has received thorough training, educational courses, and knowledge testing in our industry and roof types. This ensures that your roofing project is performed to the greatest standards, allowing you to enjoy your new roof for many years to come.

Our roof Replacement Process

In our roof replacement process, we only utilize high-quality roofing materials, not basic roofing materials or starter shingles. These include UV-resistant shingles from Owens Corning, CertainTeed, GAF, or Atlas shingles, which are UV resistant and guaranteed not to crack or fade over time.   Our roofing contractors will inspect and assess the roof, remove old roof shingles and damaged material, and then install the new roofing material. After this takes place, they clean up the area around your home and perform a final inspection. Here we dive deeper into our roof replacement process:


Consultation/ Inspection

Local roofing experts will do a thorough inspection of your roof to determine its condition. We will next review your roofing needs and recommend roofing materials for the roof replacement that are the most similar to the original composition of the roof.



Stable Roofs will tear off your old, worn roof to prevent further leaks. After removing all nails and staples from your home’s entire roof, they will inspect the fascia and decking of your roof for any rot or other issues that weren’t visible with the old roofing material on. If any issue is found, they will replace it before moving forward.


Check for Proper Flashing

After your old roof is removed, the technicians inspect it for proper counterflashing. A drip-edge and gutter apron are also installed around to direct rain away from you structure so that water doesn’t seep into any cracks or gaps in between shingles.


Installing Underlayment

To make sure water can’t seep through your roof, we install an underlayment. It goes underneath the surface of your roofing material and protects against water penetration, especially during installation.


Installing The New Roofing Material

Our roofing technicians follow manufacturer and company guidelines to install your new roof material. They will begin installing shingles or other roof materials. When the shingles are installed, the technicians will also install all the ridge caps and vents needed for your home.


Clean-up and Final Inspection

We also complete our cleaning by conducting a last walk around to ensure that any roofing nails, falling debris, falling shingles, ridge capping, underlayment, and other items have been removed. The final stage in finishing a home roof replacement is to do a final inspection to confirm that everything is correctly fitted and does not leak as intended. We rigorously inspect each component and seal all seams after installation to guarantee that your roof does not cause any harm inside or outside of your structure and that you have a long-lasting roof.

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Roof Replacement - New Roof - Stable Roofs

Common Signs You Need A Roof Replacement

Shingles in poor condition

You may have noticed that the age and weathering of your shingle roof is beginning to show in certain areas. If you see cracks, blisters, or loose edges, it’s time for a replacement! Asphalt shingles serve two functions: they enhance your roof’s appearance and protect bases from wind damage by forming an extra seal at each edge. However, these seals deteriorate with time, making them vulnerable to severe winds such as hurricanes, which lift individual pieces and leave gaps throughout the whole surface area.

The asphalt on your present shingle roof has served its purpose, but it should be replaced before anything worse happens, such as the major storms expected this season!

Defected caulking and flashings

If the flashing begins to deteriorate or has issues, you should have it checked out as soon as possible. This may be addressed by caulking and fixing any problems that arise before they become more serious. If left unchecked, there is a risk of water damage on either side of the siding or brick surface, leading to more significant water leaks in the future if not adequately repaired now.

Your roof is beginning to buckle or warp

It goes without saying that water may be hazardous to your roof. After all, the wood beneath the asphalt shingles rots and causes leaks if left undetected for too long! Look at how much light shines through an attic during the daytime hours to see if there are any places needing roof repair or replacement; it will show signs soon enough.

If rain is getting more difficult to shed away from your roof, this might be a warning of problems ahead. Fortunately, there are several indications and symptoms that can warn homeowners before any issues occur. One such signal is when the shingles on top of your home get twisted or bowed due to water damage. This should not be overlooked since it may lead to additional unanticipated concerns impacting your overall safety.

Marietta's Go To Source For Roof Damage Insurance Claims Assistance

Severe weather and falling trees can cause major damage to your home, resulting in costly repairs. It is important to get the right solution for these problems. Stable Roofs provides help with insurance and also offers the appropriate repairs you need.

Everyone hopes never to experience a roofing or insurance claim situation. Unfortunately, these situations happen far more often than we like. If that time comes, you’ll be happy to know a reputable roofing contractor in Marietta, GA., specializing in assisting policyholders with their claims. Stable Roofs is here to help with our roof insurance claim service. Our company is a family-owned and operated business. Our in-house claims experts have over 15 years of combined.

Roof damage can result from all types of weather, including extreme storms like snow or strong winds. Learning to identify different kinds of roof damage is important, so you know what type needs repair or what needs a roof replacement. Whether it be obvious signs like missing shingles, roof penetrations, moisture buildup from water leaks, or mold growth, a professional roofer from our team can help. Roof repairs from storm damage have been our specialty for years, and we’d love to share more information with you about identifying storm-related roof problems.

You probably have many questions regarding how to handle a roofing insurance claim. We are here and ready to help with the entire process. We are also here to answer any questions about the claims process. We have a team of licensed contractors in case you need assistance after a large portion of your home’s roof has been damaged or even destroyed. Don’t take on the insurance company alone. Call us today at 770-766-7770 to get started with your free roof inspection. You’ll be glad you did!

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