The Roof Inspection Process

You need to have your roof professionally inspected to identify any potential issues that can be addressed before they develop into an expensive and dangerous problem. Most problems are not apparent to the untrained eye, which is why you need to contact a roofing company near me for a professional inspection.

The truth is you won’t know how bad it is until you call a roofing company near me to inspect your roof. Inspection is the first step in maintenance which is a vital determinant for the lifespan of your roofing system. Here’s what you should expect in a professional roof inspection process:

Analysis From The Ground

The professional will begin with an analysis from the ground level. This will involve a walkthrough of your property while making notes and taking photos or videos of the drainage, elevation, wraps, siding, electrical connections, and vents.

Exterior Inspection

Next, the inspector from the roofing company near me will climb a ladder for an exterior inspection. The soft metal will be checked first for damage signs, including the vents, turbines, or ac units. Damage here usually means damage elsewhere and can alert the inspector on what they should be on the lookout for.

They’ll then check the hips, ridge, and shingles for signs of cracks, creases or leaks, and damage to gutters, fascia, soffit, and drains. They’ll also look for missing or curled shingles, heat blistering, granule loss, lifted fasteners, and damage to ridges or valleys.

Interior Inspection

The inspector from the roofing company near me will then move to the attic and check for proper ventilation, insulation, mold, moisture, and nail penetration into the deck sheathing. They’ll then inspect the decking to assess the type and installation while looking for signs of damage or defects.

Inspection Report Walkthrough

You’ll then be presented with a complete and detailed report of the findings. The information should be comprehensive and include photos and videos that show that it’s your roof, without a doubt. The inspector from the roofing company near me should then walk you through the entire report.

They should explain their findings in detail to ensure you understand and clarify certain things. These can include whether your warranty is voided, leaks causing damage elsewhere, or future problems that can arise. From there, they should give you recommendations on the appropriate plans of action for immediate concerns together with estimates.

If you are in need of Marietta roofers, give Stable Roofs a call, and we will provide you with a free roof inspection as well as a free estimate as part of our roofing services. Check out our next article to learn more about what we look for in a roof inspection.