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Should I Repair or Replace My Leaky Roof?

One of the most common issues that a roof repair service deals with is fixing or replacing roofs. Roof leaks can be costly and time-consuming to fix, especially if other damages like mold or a leaky tree are nearby. Luckily, roofing companies can show you the best way to go about your options. If you’re not sure who to hire when it comes to a roof repair service and how much it will cost, here is some information that might help.

Whether you repair or replace your leaking roof depends on the extent of the damage. Rather than waiting for the leak to worsen and then replacing the entire roof, it is possible to replace a leaking roof part-way through its life. Most roof leaks can be fixed so that they don’t hinder the functionality of the building at all. You should always contact a professional roof repair service like Stable Roofs rather than trying to take on the job yourself.

Among the types of roofing systems that can be repaired are asphalt shingles and metal roofs. Shingle roofs are more common, but metal has its advantages. Asphalt shingles are cheaper and easier to fix, but they need to be replaced more often. Their lifespan is usually much shorter than that of more expensive materials. Metal roofs are more costly and difficult to fix, but they don’t need to be replaced as frequently.

You may still be able to repair your asphalt shingled roof rather than replace it if it has been damaged. There are a few places where roof leaks occur: around chimneys and in valleys. As asphalt shingles are commonly used around chimneys, the best option for you is to replace the shingles if you notice that a roof repair service is needed. A valley leak can occur on a sloped roof or a flat roof. Minor leaks can even be repaired with extra nails or some sealant putty.

Determining factors

Cost is often one of the determining factors in whether to repair or replace your roof. The decision to replace rather than repair a roof comes from a cost-benefit analysis, and it’s important to consider other factors besides just the bottom line. The other main factors are accessibility to the panel, cost of materials for either option and warranty coverage from the manufacturer.

Another factor to consider is the age of your roof. For instance, It wouldn’t make sense to repair a large section of a shingled roof if the rest of your roof is at the end of its lifespan. However, if you have a metal roof and the rest of the roof was old but still functional, it would make sense to repair it. A good roof repair service will be able to help you make the best decision for yourself and your home.

If there isn’t too much damage to the roof and the area is isolated from the living areas of your house, then you might choose only to repair it. However, if the damage appears to be more extensive than just on one side of the house, or if the roof has been damaged for an extended period of time, it is probably best to go ahead and replace it entirely. If you decide to repair the roof, you should keep a close eye on it after it’s fixed.

In closing

A leaking roof is never a good thing, no matter how well it’s repaired. Ultimately, there will come the point in which your roof won’t work, and you’ll have to consider getting a new one. That’s why early detection of leaks is essential; don’t wait until the damage becomes severe, and you might regret not fixing it sooner!

Hopefully, this article was informative and helped you decide whether it would be better to repair or replace your roof with an experienced roof repair service like Stable Roofs. Next, we will discuss “How Not to Avoid Voiding Your Roof Warranty.” For more on our roofing services click here.

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