Total Roof Replacement vs. Partial

It’s not unusual for a part of your roof or shingles to get damaged or torn off due to wear and tear or a natural phenomenon like high winds or hailstorms. In such cases, you may need to decide whether to perform a partial replacement on the affected areas or a total replacement of the whole roof. Here are some considerations to help in your decision before calling roofing services near me:


Replacing a few missing shingles that suffered some hail damage or flew off in a windstorm can be relatively easy and cheap. Although the new shingles may not match the old ones, it’s a temporary fix for the short term.

Also, the damage may be limited to only one side of your roof. It would be more economical to do a partial roof replacement than a total roof replacement in such a case. However, a partial roof replacement will cost you more than a full roof replacement in many cases.

There is a risk of other problems surfacing after a partial roof replacement. All roof layers have to be removed before a partial re-roofing can begin.  The more the layers that have to be removed, the more the costs of disposal and labor. In some cases, the disposal and labor costs for a partial replacement are the same as the costs for a total replacement.

Roof Age

If you perform a partial roof replacement, it creates an inconsistency in the total lifespan of the whole roof.  Popular roofing materials like asphalt shingles usually have an average lifespan between 25-50 years.

Some roofing services near me may refuse to do partial roof replacements because it can be challenging to bring two slopes together at the top of the roof. In some cases, your roof may simply be too old to handle any partial replacements. The deck may be rotted out, and a partial replacement will only be risky and harmful in the long run.


As shingles age, they lose color, and it would be impossible for your old roof shingles to match the color or appearance of new shingles. With a partial roof replacement, you may end up with one side of your roof looking totally different than the other or with visible patches on your roof. This can harm your home’s value by decreasing the curb effect.

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