What Damage Is Covered By Insurance?

The type of roof damage covered by your insurance will depend on the policy terms and why you need replacement roofing or repairs. Usually, your home insurance policy will cover accidental or sudden problems that are beyond your control unless they’re expressly excluded.

Most home insurance policies will have an open complications list they cover. You can find out which issues are covered or excluded under your current policy on the declaration page of your home insurance.  They usually include but are not limited to:

Hail And Wind Damage

Home insurance companies have faced many expensive roof claims from wind and hail damage in the past years. As a result, many home insurers implement different coverage levels for hail and wind damage depending on various factors. 

If you live in an area where hail and wind storms are more likely to occur, insurers may limit coverage or increase the cost of their deductible and policy to reflect the higher risk. If you have an old roof, your insurance may be based on the depreciated value of the roof at the time of damage. This means you’ll not get enough money for replacement roofing, and you’ll have to cover the difference.

Roof Damage Not Covered By Insurance

It’s your responsibility to maintain your home and roof. Policies will not cover any damage resulting from a lack of maintenance. Therefore, if you need a roof replacement or repairs because of wear and tear, your insurance won’t pay it.

You can also have trouble getting a complete reimbursement if your roof was not well maintained or was old before a storm. Roof damage caused by floods, earthquakes, mudslides, and landslides are also usually excluded.

You’ll also not be covered for damage caused by your pets, an infestation of insects and animals or smog, rust, and corrosion. Roof leaks may also be excluded if they result from negligence.

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