What Do We Look For In A Roof Inspection?

A roof inspection is the best way to ensure your roof stays healthy and free of damage for as long as possible. Regular roof inspections ensure anything that can compromise your roof is identified early. When you schedule for a roof inspection near me, here are the specific things that we look for:

Structural Integrity

Signs of sagging and uneven roof planes will be checked by the inspector. They’ll also examine the condition of your roof’s fascia, soffit, gutter system, and drains. The ventilation in your attic is also among the first things to be checked, and leak signs are more easily identified from the attic.

Improper ventilation can lead to moisture and heat buildup, which will reduce the life of your roof and increase the chances of ice dams forming on your roof’s edge. If you have a masonry chimney, it will also be inspected for damage to chimney caps, crumbling grout, and cracks.


During a roof inspection near me, the inspector will also look for missing, loose or curling shingles. They’ll also look for rust, moss, stains, and missing fasteners, or flashing on your roof. They’ll also check for shingles aggregates that may have settled in roof valleys or on the ground.

Such aggregates can mean your roof may be near the end of its useful lifespan. The inspector will also look for rubber pieces or seals around the vent pipes and check for signs of deterioration and gaps.

Interior Condition

The interior of your home will also be checked because roof leaks ultimately damage your home. The interior walls, attic, and ceilings will be checked for signs of rot, mold, water stains, or anything that might show that water has been seeping into your home.


Problems in workmanship can increase the risks of roof damage, leaks, and other issues in the future. According to their expertise, the professional who will offer a roof inspection near me will thoroughly check for any red flags in roofing work.

These include incorrect flashing around your roof’s penetrations like the skylights, vent pipes, air conditioning, and chimney. The inspector will also look at the flashing of valleys, dormers, eaves, sidewalls, and rakes.

You should get a detailed report of the condition of your roof after the inspection, together with a recommendation of any needed repairs to keep your roof in good shape.

If you are in need of Marietta roofers, give Stable Roofs a call, and we will provide you with a free roof inspection as well as a free estimate as part of our roofing services. Check out our next article to find out how often you should get a roof inspection.